nb88新博娱乐官方网址 TrinaTracker is specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fixed tilts and solar trackers. With more than 5 GW developed worldwide, offices on the five continents and more than 300 projects carried out, TrinaTracker is your partner of reference for large scale solar projects. TrinaTracker offers its clients a product of optimal quality with the most advanced technology, thereby achieving a better performance in each project. They adapt to any request and provide custom-made solutions to their clients.

High Reliability
Authoritative wind tunnel test
Multidrive system
Patented spherical bearing
Reinforced structure
Extra Yield
Smart tracking algorithm
Smart back tracking algorithm
Minimum shading design
Low O&M Cost
SCADA system
Cleaning robot compatibility
Easier Overall Solution
Module+ Tracker
One channel for sales and service
One channel for quality assurance

TrinaTracker Corporate Video

TrinaTracker based on the low carbon ecological value chain of Trinasolar, aims to harness the power of every single sun beam for our clients.

TrinaTracker Super Factory

TrinaTracker has a self-produced annual capacity of 5GW, the innovative, reliable and intelligent smart factory of TrinaTracker embodies the advantages of TrinaTracker in the industry.

Single-row, multi-drive tracker with 2-P configuration

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Dual-row tracker with 1-P configuration

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Single row tracker with 1-P configuration

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SuperTrack:Smart Tracking Control System
Compared with conventional tracking system, increase energy generation by up to 3-8%

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Remote monitoring and cluster control software
Smart O&M to improve efficiency and reduce cost

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Innovative design from a cutting-edge team.

nb88新博娱乐官方网址 Our highly specialized engineering and R+D+i departments work closely together to develop the solar trackers that form our current range and to design future models. They start with a design based on technical specifications which they then optimize to achieve advanced trackers with special features making them resistant, reliable, light and efficient.

State-of-the-art manufacturing.

nb88新博娱乐官方网址 Our manufacturing center features automated machinery as well as a team of highly-trained cutting and welding professionals. The finshed tilts and trackers are efficient and reliable.

Installer holding drill over metal bars with solar panel installation in background

Experienced European design and manufacturing.

The TrinaPro tracking system is manufactured and designed in Europe using advanced technology. With over 12 years experience in the industry and over 2.5GW of installation worldwide, our European manufacturer is a leading provider of fixed structures and trackers for the PV solar market, specializing in design, installation and maintenance. 

Worry-free operation and maintenance.

nb88新博娱乐官方网址 Our trackers are designed for minimal ongoing maintenance, with monitoring of parts and processes incorporated to facilitate control and to prevent possible breakdowns. We also offer installation maintenance and guaranteeing that all parts of the photovoltaic installation are always in optimal condition.

Smart software for realtime PV plant monitoring.


TrinaTracker Cloud records and displays plant data such as the status of the trackers and the number of TCUs or NCUs, allowing live battery monitoring for self-powered plants. Continuous, realtime monitoring of data such as wind speed allows O&M management to make strategic decisions. TrinaTracker Cloud´s graphical interface provides easy and intuitive access to plant data, enabling more efficient O&M delivery. Administrators can create user profiles with differing levels of access to data and permissions, and use live feedback to respond to live events and resolve challenges quickly and efficiently. Management can also use the data recorded over time to make long-term strategic decisions.

Discover the TrinaTracker advantage.

• In-house engineering department provides custom-made solutions for each project.

• In-house manufacturing center ensures optimal quality materials and adaptability to delivery dates.

• Backed by a solid history of bankability and financial trustworthiness.

• Quick and simple installation.

• Wind tunnel tested.

• 99.5% yield rate.

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